While we were praying over our upcoming REVIVE conference ? I had a beautiful vision of a nuclear bomb going off in the city of San Diego ? but there was no destruction, fire, or smoke.

It was a vision of people being knocked off their feet, blown over, and completely overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord. Complete joy ?

? It was a nuclear bomb of His presence, reverberating through the city.

People were experiencing healings, and blessings, and breakthrough ✨

It was SO powerful, and there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t impacted by it ?

And even as I’m sharing this now, the vision has expanded into seeing the true shift that takes place after such an immense occurrence ? No one is left the same. No one walks away without being touched in some way.

There was a new-found peace. The calm after the storm, if you will. A quiet reflection. People taking a pause to truly see what matters, and people coming back together.

God IS on the move ? and He has mighty things to accomplish in this city. I encourage you to get in on the fun, the power, and the change that will so beautifully bring back America’s Finest City!

? You can get all the replays from this conference HERE ?

“A nuclear blast produces an intense pulse or wave of heat, light, air pressure, and radiation.”

? Imagine this, but with intense love, not destruction. A nuclear blast of healing, restoration, and unity.