Give a girl a “Latte” and let her loose!

3️⃣6️⃣ This picture was taken on my 36th birthday, and It was such a peaceful pause in a joyful moment. Riding a stunning chestnut beauty (aka “Latte”), surrounded by rolling hills, enjoying the kiss of sunshine, and the company of a darling, real-life cowboy ?

?These kinds of moments happen regularly, but so often we miss them in the hustle, in the hurry to get from here to there. At least that’s what I can say about myself.

✨ I soaked in this experience and chose to make it special, but the truth is, today is just as special as any other day, if we choose to see it that way!

❌Let’s stop waiting for some special occasion to celebrate. Let’s stop waiting for some extraordinary thing to take our breath away to soak in a moment. Let’s stop waiting for life to be something other than it is to enjoy it. Let’s stop waiting for XYZ to be perfect before we’ll finally take the leap of faith.


✅Soak in the moment.

✅Enjoy life.

✅Take the leap of faith.

?Tomorrow I’m doing something I’ve never done, even with all my years in the coaching industry and personal development world. I’m curious to see what it’s all about. I’m curious to see what shifts take place within me. I’m curious to recognize what I’m willing to let go of, and what I’m willing to receive.

?Curiosity is a beautiful thing, and I find it very disarming. Get curious. Ask questions. Learn new things.

Cheers to new experiences and huge breakthroughs! Cheers to #UPWDay0 – I’m comin’ for ya’! ? More of these moments, please! And I wouldn’t mind ? the horse and the cowboy, too ?