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The most beautiful support

I’ve had the privilege of receiving the most beautiful support these last 24 hours after a less-than-desirable experience. What happened isn’t important (and need not draw concern), but I really wanted to highlight something that will hopefully help someone ???? What I’m taking away from …

Relationships Spiritual

PR PaRty Night

? Tonight is PR PaRty Night ?  and I don’t mean anything related to Public Relations. Let me explain. It quickly became a favorite night for me, and I want to let you in on what it is. “PR” stands for: ?㏚aise ?㏚ayer ?㏚ophecy This …


Babe Fest

Enjoying the deep gratitude I have for the serious BABES in my life!! They cheer me on, challenge me, lift me up, shine light on my strengths, and help me grow through my fears. I can show up and be unapologetically myself with them, and …