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I’ve been addicted to various things over the years

I’ve been addicted to various things over the years, and have (very gratefully) recovered from each of them. These weren’t your traditional things (i.e. drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.) but vices nonetheless – “helping” me escape the reality I felt stuck in. Habits and things that …


You are cherished, even when you’re misunderstood

Welp ? Hmmm… not how I thought that would go…..?Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned?‍♀️Sometimes people misunderstand you?Sometimes you take a misstep?Sometimes you get caught at an awkward moment?Sometimes what you say unintentionally hurts someone?Sometimes you are livin’ large?Sometimes you’re barely scraping by?Sometimes you keep …


Zoning out

I don’t even remember this picture being taken ? (Stick with me on this one.).Sometimes I get so lost in my own little world that I genuinely and completely click out of reality for a bit. I remember looking down the tunneled walk way, and …