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Challenge Accepted

Challenge accepted, @leannematthesius ? When we the last time you looked in the mirror and acknowledged how stunningly beautiful you are? ? For most of us, it’s been far too long ? Most of us glance to see if we have something stuck in our …

Leadership Relationships

Last week

I don’t even know what to make of this last week ?‍♀️.Last week held a lot for me:?So many things brought to the surface.?Things happened that literally changed my life?Multiple people came into my life that brought unexpected things up for me?I had to check …


Permission Granted

Sayonara ? I’m going to be so NOT available for the next little bit as I recover from “too much people-ing” recently. To be transparent, as much as I LOVE people ? these last 2 weeks have had me in full blown “ON” mode as I’ve …