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Not this year

 This weekend is the Marriage Retreat at my church, and (confession ) I’ve had it on my calendar every single year since I moved here in 2017 . This year marks 5 years of believing “this will be the year that I’ll get to go!” and it also …

Leadership Lifestyle

It’s almost time

 It’s. Almost. Time. Y’all have heard me talk about my upcoming mentorship (or maybe not yet …. but you’re about to ) and I’m officially opening doors THIS WEEK!  hear ye, hear ye: If you are a SINGLE LADY who’s excited to get married, and wants to …


Challenge Accepted

Challenge accepted, @leannematthesius 🥰 When we the last time you looked in the mirror and acknowledged how stunningly beautiful you are? 🤳 For most of us, it’s been far too long 😬 Most of us glance to see if we have something stuck in our …