Challenge accepted, @leannematthesius ?

When we the last time you looked in the mirror and acknowledged how stunningly beautiful you are? ?

For most of us, it’s been far too long ? Most of us glance to see if we have something stuck in our teeth ? or to make sure our foundation is blended well ?, only to be distracted by the long list of things we wish we could fix.

?The wrinkles

?The grays

?The zits

?The flab

?The yellow teeth

?The saggy eyes

?The dark circles

?The small boobs

?The list goes on

Woman. STOP RIGHT THERE. God is the master creator and YOU are the pinnacle of His creation ? ⭐ ? ?

?When you acknowledge the beauty of a sunset … but not yourself

?When you compliment another woman … but not yourself

?When you see beauty in a flower … but not yourself

?When you gush over the stunning scenery around you … but not yourself

?When you are awestruck by a star-filled sky … but not yourself

?When you can see so clearly how gorgeous a rolling green hill is … but not yourself

?When you pin a picture of (insert false reason why you believe she’s better than you) a model in that dress you love … but not yourself

?When you look at your child with an endless love … but not yourself

?When you see beauty everywhere and in everything … but not yourself

I think God’s heart breaks each time you refuse to acknowledge His beautiful creation that is YOU ?

He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. He loved you before He created you and He loves you still. He created you with purpose and desire.


? Please take a moment to recognize ?

✔ Post a black and white photo of yourself, along with “challenge accepted” and some words of inspiration ?