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Prayer for Winter to leave and Spring to come

?Spring is almost here and I’m READY for it. The blossoms in bloom. Birds chirping. Longer, brighter days. Warmer evenings. ❄️Winter is almost gone and I’m READY for it. The starkness of trees without leaves. Harsher weather. Dark mornings and dark evenings. Frigid cold. Truth …


You are cherished, even when you’re misunderstood

Welp ? Hmmm… not how I thought that would go…..?Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned?‍♀️Sometimes people misunderstand you?Sometimes you take a misstep?Sometimes you get caught at an awkward moment?Sometimes what you say unintentionally hurts someone?Sometimes you are livin’ large?Sometimes you’re barely scraping by?Sometimes you keep …


A prayer for joy

What are you doing for JOY these days? ?.With everything going on, it’s especially “easy” to take on burdens and heaviness, which actually only makes things harder. While it’s not helpful or wise to ignore that there’s heaviness, it’s not helpful to take it on …