?Spring is almost here and I’m READY for it.

  • The blossoms in bloom.
  • Birds chirping.
  • Longer, brighter days.
  • Warmer evenings.

❄️Winter is almost gone and I’m READY for it.

  • The starkness of trees without leaves.
  • Harsher weather.
  • Dark mornings and dark evenings.
  • Frigid cold.

Truth be told, I’m not a fan of Winter. It’s cold. Dormant. Bleak. And it’s been what’s felt like a verrrrrrry long Winter season for me (metaphorically speaking…we’re admittedly blessed with fairly mild literal Winters here in San Diego).

I’m ready for Spring. New life. Greenery and color bursting forth. Sweet air. Hope. Invigorating.

?I’ve been alternating between praying for Winter to leave, and praying for Spring to come.

What I’m craving is everything Spring IS and everything Winter is NOT. But what I’ve found in my prayers is that the “Spring-focused” prayers bring life, whereas the “Winter-go-away-focused” prayers almost seem to fall flat in my spirit. It’s not like I’m cursing Winter or complaining during those prayers, but it’s just ….. well, they’re not calling in LIFE. And the Spring-focused prayers ARE!

So, join me in praying for Spring. For LIFE. Newness. Rejuvenation.

?THANK YOU, Heavenly Father, for Spring.
?Thank You for life.
?Thank You for helping me shed any residue I’ve been living with, and for filling me with fresh breath, God of all creation.
?Thank You for building me in this Winter season to be fully equipped to harvest in this upcoming Spring season.
?Thank You that this Winter season has not been wasted, and that You’ve been using every moment of it for Your glory, for good, even if it hasn’t been tangible to me.
?Thank You for bringing forth buried dreams, for replenishing any barren areas in my life, and for speaking LIFE over me.
?Thank You for giving me a hope and a future.
?Thank You for this season, and the next, and for being with me through all of them! AMEN.