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Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!.May this year be the one thatblesses you more than any prior years.causes you to have a fresh view point of what Christmas you all the joyful warmth that comes with the reason for the season.Declaring that this Christmas will be one for …


2021 Vision

2021. You’re already my favorite year yet  You will be full of faith, joy, love, and unrestrained confidence, and I am excited to experience flexibility, new ways of approaching life, and expansion!.Let’s GO!!!

Leadership Lifestyle

Genuine Joy

Genuine joy. Captured in a moment where things weren’t going as planned, in the most hysterical way ? Gotta love life and the ⚾️ curve balls comin’ atcha! As someone who’s lived through the “frustration lens” I can tell you that it’s wayyyyy more enjoyable …


2020 Vision

All the wonderful things I have to look forward to in 2020! Friendships and self care and debt payoff and romance. New levels in my prayer life and the best Girls Giving yet!


2019 Vision

Let’s talk VISION BOARDS for a moment…shall we? Last year was the first year I ever did one and there’s a reason I came back strong to do another one (okay, 2…) for 2019! I am shocked when I see how much came to fruition …



Let’s talk about our exes for a moment. Shall we? And by talk about them, I mean CELEBRATE them!! (Plot twist, I know.) What lessons did you learn through them? What strengths did you gain because of experiences with them? What healing have you had …


2018 Vision

My vision board for 2018 ? I’m excited about literally every single piece of this! Romance. Fitness. Travel. Ambition. They list goes on. I’m so grateful for 2017, and eager to experience 2018!