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Their life is not your life

🤫Shhhh….I’m going to tell you something that you may not want to hear, but it will make your life SO MUCH EASIER if you can remember this simple thing: .➡️THEIR life is NOT your life⬅️.It’s all too easy to finger point 👉 and decide that “they …

Leadership Spiritual

Seek peace

Our church opened back up (IN PERSON 🙌) on Sunday for our 15th Birthday, and I’m *such* a fangirl 🙈😃💓.We are created with a purpose and designed for community – and it’s not meant to be virtual, or 6 feet apart 🚫 We’re meant to …


Killing it

I killed it in 2019. And NOT in a good way. It was a year of unintentional death in my life, my business mainly, and I didn’t realize it until long after the fact..You see, I hadn’t been actively trying to wage war against my …