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Balance. It’s a bit of a teeter totter, that little rascal..Sporty // FeminineFearless // LogicalJoyful // RealisticUnplugged // Tuned inCaring for others // Caring for selfLoving // Grace-filledContributing // Resting.So many expectations put on us by ourselves and others. “Balance” is a dangerous goal. 🎯 …


Their life is not your life

🤫Shhhh….I’m going to tell you something that you may not want to hear, but it will make your life SO MUCH EASIER if you can remember this simple thing: .➡️THEIR life is NOT your life⬅️.It’s all too easy to finger point 👉 and decide that “they …


You are cherished, even when you’re misunderstood

Welp 🤔 Hmmm… not how I thought that would go…..🤪Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned🤦‍♀️Sometimes people misunderstand you🥴Sometimes you take a misstep😬Sometimes you get caught at an awkward moment🙊Sometimes what you say unintentionally hurts someone😎Sometimes you are livin’ large😅Sometimes you’re barely scraping by🙃Sometimes you keep …