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Balance. It’s a bit of a teeter totter, that little rascal..Sporty // FeminineFearless // LogicalJoyful // RealisticUnplugged // Tuned inCaring for others // Caring for selfLoving // Grace-filledContributing // Resting.So many expectations put on us by ourselves and others. “Balance” is a dangerous goal. ? …


Their life is not your life

?Shhhh….I’m going to tell you something that you may not want to hear, but it will make your life SO MUCH EASIER if you can remember this simple thing: .➡️THEIR life is NOT your life⬅️.It’s all too easy to finger point ? and decide that “they …


You are cherished, even when you’re misunderstood

Welp ? Hmmm… not how I thought that would go…..?Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned?‍♀️Sometimes people misunderstand you?Sometimes you take a misstep?Sometimes you get caught at an awkward moment?Sometimes what you say unintentionally hurts someone?Sometimes you are livin’ large?Sometimes you’re barely scraping by?Sometimes you keep …