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Church Injuries

If you’ve ever been wounded by “the church” then please read this post! I don’t know what happened to you (although I’ve heard countless stories from people of the wounds they’ve sustained, and there are some truly tragic ones!), but I‘d like you to consider …

Lifestyle Relationships

Gal pals

Take me back here 💙.This night was full of celebration, laughter, friends, delicious food, photoshoots, ambiance, dressing up, and good ol’ fun 🥰.Nights like these are so necessary, completely delightful, and potently impactful towards a beautiful life 💖.Life isn’t meant to be just work, eat, …

Lifestyle Spiritual

You’re Invited

🤔 I’ve “known” God my whole life. Grew up in a Christian home, always have gone to church, prayed *the prayer* when I was 4 years old, and have always been a believer..But if I’m being honest, it hasn’t always been personal. For many years, …