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Church Injuries

If you’ve ever been wounded by “the church” then please read this post! I don’t know what happened to you (although I’ve heard countless stories from people of the wounds they’ve sustained, and there are some truly tragic ones!), but I‘d like you to consider …

Lifestyle Relationships

Gal pals

Take me back here ?.This night was full of celebration, laughter, friends, delicious food, photoshoots, ambiance, dressing up, and good ol’ fun ?.Nights like these are so necessary, completely delightful, and potently impactful towards a beautiful life ?.Life isn’t meant to be just work, eat, …

Lifestyle Spiritual

You’re Invited

? I’ve “known” God my whole life. Grew up in a Christian home, always have gone to church, prayed *the prayer* when I was 4 years old, and have always been a believer..But if I’m being honest, it hasn’t always been personal. For many years, …