Each year, I do a new focus, and for 2023, it’s: Maximized. Nothing left on the table.

✔️ Giving it my all.
✔️ Showing up fully in each moment.
✔️ Allowing it to look different on different days.
✔️ Being completely present.
✔️ Leaving it all on the court.

This doesn’t mean…

❌ burn out.
❌ draining myself until I’m on “E”
❌ burning the candle at both ends
❌ striving, performing, and forcing my way to my goals
❌ frantically distracted by “all the things” that need my attention

Nope. It means that in each moment, I am maximized.

💚 My joy
💚 My potential
💚 My heart
💚 My ability
💚 My mindset
💚 My peace
💚 My relationships
💚 My capacity
💚 My strength
💚 My rest

2023 💜 Maximized 💜 Nothing left on the table.