? PSA / FYI >>> You can…

? Disapprove of someone’s approach, but still applaud the outcome they created (I don’t believe in “grinding” all day every day to create business success, but I recognize that it can)

? Disagree with someone completely and still admire the eloquence with which they speak (there’s one author in particular I’m thinking of who definitely has very different beliefs than I do, but she is a gifted writer and engaging speaker)

? Take a firm stand on something without tearing anyone else down in the process (hey, politics!! Y’all can speak up about what YOU believe FOR instead of spending your precious time focusing on tearing the other guy down because of what HE believes for)

? Go a different route than someone and still end up at the same destination (I’m not just talking google maps here, folks – this goes for life in general!! #MyMarriageStory)

? Absolutely not like someone’s style, but appreciate that they are rocking it (man buns, I’m talking to you ?‍♀️)

Please enjoy this adorable dog as you go about your evening ❤

? Thanks for the pic, Mei Lu