I’ve had several conversations lately with ladies, and as I’ve been praying for them, I’ve seen visions of them PLAYING in freedom (i.e. skipping, swinging on the monkey bars, etc.) ?

What I’ve realized is that, while there are plenty of “blame it on my childhood” cop outs people use so they don’t have to actually face the fact that they’re an immature adults – most people genuinely were wounded in some defining way in childhood, and the result is that they set incredibly unhealthy boundaries.

❌ Most people who “set boundaries” have done so in a way to proactively try to prevent being hurt, which actually translates into impenetrable walls – resulting in isolation, loneliness, and frustration.

You’re craving relationships, and you want to let people in, but *how* does one do that without getting hurt?

? Well, I’ll break the news to you that you WILL get hurt, so there’s no way to actually prevent that. BUT, I can also show you how to set healthy boundaries, so you can start removing yourself from situations where that hurt is being exacerbated instead of healed.

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