We all have them (some more intentionally than others), and we all have people who cross them (some more intentionally than others) ?

Have you ever noticed that you don’t even realize you have boundaries until they’re crossed ? And then you get (understandably) upset because they were crossed??

And thennnnnn, you realize that you never even ever shared those boundaries with anyone ? and it’s actually on you to communicate them if you want people to respect them ?

Or, wait – maybe you didn’t realize that yet. Let me tell you, it’s YOUR responsibility to share your boundaries with others ?

(☝ brief side note: this post is NOT referencing people who intentionally cross your boundaries – that’s a completely different topic, and absolutely something that they get to work on.)

This post is talking about ?YOU? and how YOU can set YOUR boundaries, and communicate them in such a way that people will know what they are.

If you constantly feel like people are invading your time, or not valuing your morals, or like you’re a doormat, BOUNDARIES are for you ?

And I’ve got just the solution – my BOUNDARIES workshop ???

You’re going to want to grab the replay for this:

We covered how to build and strengthen boundaries, and I‘m confident you’ll leave feeling refreshed and confident in your new found boundaries – YAY!

I’ll trade you. You give me two hours of your time, and I’ll give you strategies and practical tips to begin implementing boundaries in your life!! Deal?


? by this babe: Stephanie Driscoll McHenry

??‍♀️ by this babe: Danece Van Soelen