8 GREAT reasons to get dressed up…

✨You have a birthday to celebrate

✨The weather calls for it (up for interpretation)

✨You want to

✨There’s an opportunity to go dancing

✨You got a new dress you want to wear

✨It’s ___day (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.)

✨Your couch is calling and you wanna look ? while you nap

✨You’re NOT feeling like it

I’ll especially emphasize the last one.

Getting dressed up is a FABULOUS way to get out of a funk.

Though I would not personally recommend trying a new hairstyle during your “I’m gonna dress-up my way out of this funk” attempt.

Though that advice is coming from someone who gets annoyed as soon as one bobby pin doesn’t work right and decides to just wear my hair down with loose curls or popped up into a lazy messy bun ?

If trying new hair lights you up, more power to ya’!

And if you’re not game for getting fully dressed to the nines, then at *least* put on some bright lipstick ?

This look? Let’s call it #BlackTieOptional. As you can see, I opted out of the black tie ? (dad jokes for the win, always)