For years I was caught in the trap of “if I invest in this program / coach / thing, then __________ in my life will change.”

And, while I’m still a HUGE believer in investing in programs / coaches / etc. to help with growth, what was NOT working in the past was that I kind of figured once the investment had been made, the changes would happen.

That’s not how it works though.

? If I invest money in a business coach, for example, and listen to what they say, but don’t change my behavior, my business won’t shift.
? If I invest money in a personal trainer, but don’t ever show up at the gym, and continue forfeiting our sessions, my health won’t improve.
? If I invest in a program that’s designed to help me overcome emotional wounds, but I don’t implement what’s being taught, the wounds won’t just heal themselves.

It takes investing PLUS action.

So, I’m curious – what have you been investing in (be it with time, money, emotions, etc.) but you are NOT yet taking action to match the investment?

Start there.

If you want change, then change.