I don’t loosely throw the word “hate” around, but it was highly considered for describing my feelings towards the word “busy” in this post ?

“Busy” gets used way more often than it needs to, and my hope with this post is that you’ll take greater care with your speech before you casually use this (awful!!) word ?

Let’s look at the definition and origin quickly (thank you, etymonline.com) before diving into some helpful alternatives you can use instead.

Here are just a few of the definitions of “busy” (enough to give you the idea of what you’re speaking over yourself every time you use this (dreadful!!) word:

? anxious

? continually employed or occupied

? in constant or energetic action

? prying

? meddlesome

? active in that which does not concern one

? euphemism for “sexually active”

? visually cluttered

No WONDER you’re so “busy” with this chaos you’ve been welcoming into your life every single time you say “I am busy!”

Can you see why I think this word is so terrible?!

❌Being “busy” doesn’t make you important.

❌Being “busy” isn’t a valid reason to stop loving your people.

❌Being “busy” doesn’t excuse you from being kind.

❌Being “busy” shouldn’t be worn as a badge of honor.

Being “busy” is telling me (without telling me), among other things:

? that you’re struggling to prioritize

? that you’re hoping for sympathy

? that you have too much on your plate

? that you’re not willing to ask for help

? that you are a people pleaser

? that you’re tomorrow is more important than your today

? that you’re avoiding what really needs your attention

There are MANY other ways to speak about your schedule, your activities, what you’re giving your time to, etc. that are in no way inviting chaos, anxiety, or clutter into your world.

Here are some helpful alternatives instead of saying “I’m so busy!”

? My schedule is full

? I do have plenty going on

? There really are many things I choose to give my attention to

? I fill my time using intentionality

Don’t you feel better already? ?

I challenge you to STOP using the word “busy” and shift your default response.

And, if saying “I fill my time using intentionality” feels too fake because you know that you’re NOT being intentional and you’re just letting things pile up, then it’s time to shift, my friend.

I don’t know one person who wants to be anxious, meddlesome, in constant / energetic action, or continually employed or occupied, so STOP speaking that over yourself with the word “busy.”

Whatever word(s) you put after “I am” becomes an identity that you live under, so let’s start being more intentional with our words, shall we?

See ya’ later, “busy”  – don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good Lord split ya’!