It struck me as soon as he said it ? My pastor from years ago said this phrase regularly, and can I just tell you how much FREEDOM is in this?!

?One person doesn’t need to know everything about you. But everything about you should be known by at least one person.

The struggles. The darkness. The secrets. The joys. The dreams. The memories. The journeys. The ________.

If you can allow yourself to be vulnerable (with trusted people) and share your life with them, there is such freedom in that. Freedom for you, yes. AND freedom for them!

When we can share with people what we’ve walked through, overcome, and had victory over – we can show them what’s possible!

When we can share with people what we’re currently going through, walking out, and learning along the way – we give them permission to be clumsy and imperfect.

When we can share with people our heartaches and struggles – we are letting them into our mess, and sharing our trust with them.

It gives them the chance to speak into our life, and us the chance to speak into theirs. It allows us to recognize that we’re not alone.

No matter WHAT it is that you have said / done / thought / experienced – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And, there are people who will lovingly walk you through even your darkest darkness.

May I encourage you to share? Share what’s on your heart. Share what you’ve never shared before. Find a trusted source and SHARE. I promise there’s freedom in it ❤

If you’re not sure where to start, start with God ? He already knows so this will simply be for you to practice saying it out loud. Release it. The more you speak up about your darkness, the more you’re shining light on it and its power will lessen. The more you share about it, the more you’re crushing its grip on you and stepping into health and freedom.