You don’t need to say “like” or “um” every other word ?

When you do, you’re wasting loads of energy (and time), AND you’re not activating creative thinking.

This isn’t calorie burning energy, this is brain wasting energy.

And you’re letting yourself fall into laziness instead of addressing an insecurity.

Your confidence will grow exponentially when you learn how to remove “like,” “um,” and other filler words from your vocabulary.

Trust me. I used to use all sorts of fillers while I thought of what to say next, and looking back, it was completely due to lack of confidence and being uncomfortable with silence.

It’s SO much better (as the speaker AND as the listener) when those filler words are removed.

Better a pause than an unnecessary word.

If you’re using “like” and “um” frequently while you talk, I’m gonna be the one to tell you, it’s really difficult to listen to you.

Not from a judgmental place at all. It’s difficult to hear what you’re saying because, as the listener, I’m needing to filter out all of the unnecessary words (often 30+% of what’s being said) to hear what you’re actually saying.

Drop “like” and “um” and watch:

☝Audience engagement go up

☝Confidence increase

?Your vocal chords say “thank you!” for saving it

?Talking time be drastically cut down

If you ever want honest feedback about whether this is something you do or not, I’m your girl ?