? People are often surprised when they hear I don’t have a TV.

But what they don’t know is, I used to be (basically) addicted to it, and was literally wasting my life away in front of it. All. Day. Long.

❓Could I have built up stamina to be able to turn off the TV instead of vegging out?

✅Yes, I could have. I’m very capable.

❓But was I?

?No, I wasn’t. I kept choosing the TV.

?I kept wasting my life instead of living it, growing through it, and thriving in it!

Then I made a decision to cut off the source.

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of phasing things out. When they need to be TAKEN CARE OF, you simply have to TAKE CARE OF THEM!

?Rip the freaking bandaid OFF!

You have to fully uproot things, and remove temptation at the source!

❌don’t buy that item at the store if you regret eating it at home

❌block your ex on social and delete their number from your phone completely

❌don’t meet people at the mall if you know you shouldn’t be shopping

❌cut up your credit cards and delete them from online accounts if you’re determined to stop spending

❌remove the apps from your phone if you’re wasting time on them

❌don’t go out to bars if you’re quitting drinking. And come up with a default response if someone asks you what you’re ordering (i.e. “oooh, you know what I’d love? A sparkling water, please!” If you say it with enthusiasm,  people won’t question it. And if they do, you can have another backup response ready to go of “I’ve decided not to drink tonight.”) 

Imagine that a weed (poor habit) is growing in your garden (life) and all you do is cut it off so the garden looks pretty  (temporarily). What you need to do is rip that sucker up by the root and take care of the actual issue, once and for all!

Cutting something off at soil level (i.e. the bandaid approach, pretending like it’ll change, so as to keep up appearances, when you haven’t truly committed to changing) is useless. It might “look” effective for a bit, but then the darn thing will sprout back up.

It’s time to remove temptation at the source. No better time than now.

?? Rootin’ for ya’! ??

? by this babe: Stephanie Driscoll McHenry

??‍♀️ by this babe: Danece Van Soelen