I’ve been dreaming of this experience for years, and here’s what it looks like:

?Cozy socks

?Candle lit

?Christmas movies

?Warm PJs

?Fireplace crackling

❄Snow falling

☕Hot mocha

✨Twinkling lights

?Rich green garland

?Mistletoe-ing with my man

?Magazine-quality outcome

Reality, however, looked like this:

?My décor is looking TACKY and it’s gonna take some serious zhuzhing

?It’s currently 76 degrees, with clear skies (and I don’t have a fireplace)

??Ordering McDonalds for lunch since I need to go grocery shopping

?Didn’t have enough garland, or the correct type, to implement the vision

?I did manage to get the cozy PJs, candle, and cozy socks working for me though. And a mocha – I am definitely enjoying a hot mocha!

?To say this went as planned would definitely be a lie, BUT, there IS victory in this because after 15 years of living on my own (and wanting to decorate for Christmas every single year, but never actually doing it) ? I’M FINALLY DOING IT!!

?2020 is the year. 

?I finally let go of the “but it doesn’t look exactly how I want” and “I don’t want to have to store everything in the off season” and ((insert excuse here as to why “this isn’t the year”))! I’m finally decorating, and it’s going to be lovely, feminine, and oh-so-very-ME!

?I’ll post pictures once the décor is complete and the “tacky” has been eliminated ? Cheers to a FANTASTIC Christmas season! May this be our best one yet!!

And yes, I do know it’s still technically October and this is *really* early… but it’s a day I had available for this, so here we are ?‍♀️ let’s consider it being prompt ?