Doing a little Life Mapping today, and was peeking through old resumes to refresh my memory on things I’d forgotten about. While these aren’t necessarily stand-out moments in my life that I’d write a memoir on, it’s fun to see the stand-out themes that have flowed throughout my life.
Did you know that…
?I’ve been certified as a caregiver, with specialties in dementia and mental health
?I used to teach weight training, volleyball, and women’s basketball at Western Washington University
?I earned security guard of the month
?I used to volunteer as a math and reading tutor
?As co-captain of the girls varsity golf team, I was honored with “most improved” by the team, “best sportsmanship” at the regional tournament, and our team was awarded “Academic State Champions”
?I worked at a funeral home for a short time.

As these aren’t in my current day-to-day, I had forgotten about all of these things, and it was a fun little trip down memory lane!
As fun as some of these memories are, and the resume is really move “job” driven, it’s been interesting to see some of the common themes that have shown up when I look back at jobs I’ve held over time (i.e. I’ve always had a heart for mentoring women, and it’s glaringly obvious when I look at various things I’ve done through the years).
And, as with each of us, there are definitely memories cropping up that are less-than-fun, and this is a great opportunity to (1) see the growth I’ve experienced, and (2) continue healing if I recognize any triggers or wounds that are surfacing.
Overall, I highly recommend going through this journey. There are a multitude of ways to do it, but for me it’s looked like:
?Starting a spreadsheet, and lining out each year of my life
?Plugging in the first things that come to mind (major life events)
?Going through resume to be reminded of other things I’ve been involved in that I’d forgotten
?Looking for themes with what’s been written down
?Googling ideas of things to consider when Life Mapping, and gathering ideas of other things to include.
There is no right or wrong way to go about it, but if you DO it, I highly recommend going through the healing as you go! Uncomfortable, yes – but definitely worth it!
Photo credit: Miriam Figueroa