My car turned 100,000 miles old today, and I’ve had her since she was 9 miles old ?

We’ve traveled together (well, she traveled. I just sat there).

We’ve laughed together (read: she was there while I laughed).

We’ve cried together (I cried while she carted me along).

We’ve held space for meaningful conversations (one of us more literally than the other).

We’ve prayed together. Does she count as part of “where two or more are gathered I am there in the midst?” #BibleHumor ?

We’ve each waited while the other one was tended to at appointments.

We’ve experienced ups and downs, regular maintenance, and big tune up services together.

Longevity doesn’t just happen by accident.

We just celebrated our 11-year anniversary in August, and it’s been an intentional relationship.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve let her get to “E” on the tank.

And she always gets me, reliably, from point A to point B.

She consistently gets to see our mechanic for her oil changes.

It’s a priority when it’s time for a bigger tune-up service, and we haven’t missed one yet.

I can tell when she’s trying a little extra hard (i.e. when the tank’s running low, and/or she’s pulling a full load), and I give her some grace.

She’s got a 2,500 pound towing capacity, but I don’t max her out all the time.

Just because she has the ability, doesn’t mean that’s what she was created for.

We’ve surprised a few unsuspecting folks when we get up off the go line (with real gusto, I must add) ? Leaving muscle cars in the dust is one of our favorite pastimes.

This cute little car of mine has been a gem since I drove her off the lot on day 1, and we’ve got loads of adventures ahead!

If you see us out and about, give us a wave, and wish her a happy 100,000 mile birthday with me!