I was at an event last night (hence this fun picture!) and kept noticing this one particular woman throughout the evening.

I’d met her a couple of days earlier and had an instant heartache for her. There was just such a clear insecurity emanating from her, but I couldn’t pin point it at first. 

After hearing a few of the things she shared, and observing her over the course of this 3-day event, it started to become clear that she was starved for attention. She’s stunningly gorgeous, an absolute showstopper, and it’s evident that she’s not hardly been appreciated for more than that.

She’s intelligent, kinid, and genuinely cares about making a difference for people, and she’s afraid to be truly seen.

It was fascinating seeing her interactions and watching this all play out.

What struck me the most was seeing her at the soiree, on the final night of this event. She spent the evening engaging with many different gentlemen, of all types and ages, and every single one of those men believed they had a chance with her.

Flirting, laughing, caressing, grinding, and giving eyes to each of them, but with a numbness about her. As if she were playing a role and she was simply in character, but the real her had checked out – akin to a trauma response, where reality can trigger your most familiar unhealed wounds.

She wasn’t enjoying it, and her vacant stare at the end of the night (when all the men had left and she was sitting down by herself near an empty dance floor), was the first time I’d seen her without her façade.

She seemed burdened by the weight of realizing how the evening had played out, and how she was (once again) left wanting and abandoned by men she’d so hoped to receive true interest from. After all, she’d given them all the emotions that should elicit that response, right? She was flirty, attentive, and open to them engaging however they saw fit – but they all still left her there.

You could see her evident disappointment, and it really highlighted to me how, when you’re starved for attention, your “diet” is clearly lacking in nutrients.

If you’re looking for everyone else to fulfill you, or you’re looking to things to give you satisfaction, your “diet” is going to leave you depleted and constantly in lack. It’s not sustainable.

Sooner or later, an unhealthy diet WILL catch up to you – this goes for physical health as much as emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. Crap diets may taste good in the moment, but they lead to so many unnecessary health issues, and they just give a false sense of enjoyment.

Good for you food (aka, “a healthy diet”) can taste great, too, AND it’s going to have all the added benefits of improving your health instead of exhausting it.

If you find yourself starved for attention, it may be because your emotional diet has been rather scarce, and you’re looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places.

As the one who created you, God’s the only one who can truly speak to those void areas and breathe actual life into them!

Seek Him first and all these other things will be added unto you ? Matthew 6:33