?‍♂️Have you seen this man?
He’s not “missing” per se, but I don’t know where he is ?
He was last seen:
?Trusting God daily
?Enjoying time with his friends
?Leading other men into their strengths
?Being a great example of a healthy, masculine man
?Making people laugh with his wit and humor
?Killing it in the marketplace
?Generously giving back to his community
?Taking care of his body
?Choosing to grow, spiritually and emotionally
?Loving on his family
Give or take, he’s likely:
?‍♀️Born sometime between 1976-1986
?‍♀️Somewhere between 6’3-6’8”
?‍♀️Brunette, blond, or salt and pepper (if he has hair)
?‍♀️Somewhat of a large, athletic build
?‍♀️Darker than me LOL
?‍♀️Got kind eyes
?‍♀️Smiling his genuine smile
❓It’s so hard to get the specifics nailed down when you’ve never actually met the fella, you know? So, consider those rough estimates.
?Anyway, if you see him, will you please let him know I’m super excited to meet him?
➡️He can likely find me at Awaken church, walking the bay, or enjoying various little cafes around town.
?If he’s interested in a stellar life together – enjoying lots of laughter, great food, massive impact, and taking territory for the Kingdom – have him get in touch with me!
?‍♂️?‍♀️If he wants a sneak peak of what our life could be, he can take a peek here.