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How many times have I witnessed pure love

How many times have I witnessed pure love? Countless times. I was at a wedding last night, and got to thinking “how many weddings have I been to in my life?” I honestly couldn’t recall. Dozens for sure. But the exact number? Unknown. But then …


Abundant Wife mini series is here

I finally get to share that ABUNDANT WIFE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been on my heart since 2018, and I’ve had the privilege of interviewing nearly 60 abundant wives during that time, to learn from them what works + what doesn’t, and to gain insights …


Abundant Wife mini series launch teaser

Let’s start off by saying, some things take longer than planned. For SURE this fun Abundant Wife project has been one of those things. It’s been hours (and hours and hours) of wisdom-packed audio interviews with some of the most Abundant Wives on this planet, …


Asking for a friend

Hahahaha!! Someday I will have a FABULOUS story to tell about all the times I caught the bouquet and what it transpired into. For now, it’s been 3 times and 3rd time hasn’t been the charm just yet ? ? Laura Kogle + Jaron Kogle …


But, would you move?

“Would you move for your husband?” It’s a question I’ve been asked before, but today I asked myself a different version: “If God told you that your husband didn’t live in San Diego, would you give up and tell Him “never mind – I guess …


2021 Vision

2021. You’re already my favorite year yet  You will be full of faith, joy, love, and unrestrained confidence, and I am excited to experience flexibility, new ways of approaching life, and expansion!.Let’s GO!!!


Single Mix and Mingle Update

? About last night……well, it was fun! Tons of great people, lots of flowing conversation, and plenty of opportunities to connect with new friends..❓As for the question I’ve been getting all day today “Did you meet anyone last night?!” ?  ((…..drum roll, please…..?)).? No..? I …


Single Mix and Mingle

 You guys know that I am willing to be vulnerable in put myself out there, and tonight I am asking for your prayers .I have done the online dating thing, the matchmaking thing, the being set up thing, and even the speed dating thing …. and …

Dear husband Relationships

My Big Dream (June 23, 2020)

((GULP)) Here we go… My shirt says DREAM BIG and I feel inspired to share with you my BIG DREAM! .❤️❤️❤️ Getting to do life with my man ❤️❤️❤️.And I’m requesting YOUR SUPPORT in meeting him 😉 Help a sister out!!.Here’s what I know for …