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PR PaRty Night

? Tonight is PR PaRty Night ?  and I don’t mean anything related to Public Relations. Let me explain. It quickly became a favorite night for me, and I want to let you in on what it is. “PR” stands for: ?㏚aise ?㏚ayer ?㏚ophecy This …


Reflection time

Reflection time. Are you praying for people as often as you’re judging them? Or thinking about them? Or wondering about their life? Or throwing shade at them? If you’re thinking great things about them, it’s a great time to pray for them. Bless them. Declare …


Prayer for Winter to leave and Spring to come

?Spring is almost here and I’m READY for it. The blossoms in bloom. Birds chirping. Longer, brighter days. Warmer evenings. ❄️Winter is almost gone and I’m READY for it. The starkness of trees without leaves. Harsher weather. Dark mornings and dark evenings. Frigid cold. Truth …


2021 Vision

2021. You’re already my favorite year yet  You will be full of faith, joy, love, and unrestrained confidence, and I am excited to experience flexibility, new ways of approaching life, and expansion!.Let’s GO!!!


Prayer for friends and BIG conversations

I have a few girlfriends having  BIG conversations tonight  and there’s been some  concern and unsettledness  stirring within them. If that’s you, or you have a BIG conversation coming up, may this prayer bring you peace >>>  Heavenly Father, we thank You for who You are, how You love, …


You’re not weak

It’s been one of those ????????? days. Emotions ALL over the place ?.I’ve sent several ‼️SOS ‼️ messages to girlfriends today because my heart + mind have been hit deep these last few weeks and it’s catching up with me..Let me say this ➡️ you’re …


A prayer for joy

What are you doing for JOY these days? ?.With everything going on, it’s especially “easy” to take on burdens and heaviness, which actually only makes things harder. While it’s not helpful or wise to ignore that there’s heaviness, it’s not helpful to take it on …


2020 Vision

All the wonderful things I have to look forward to in 2020! Friendships and self care and debt payoff and romance. New levels in my prayer life and the best Girls Giving yet!