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Reflection time

Reflection time. Are you praying for people as often as you’re judging them? Or thinking about them? Or wondering about their life? Or throwing shade at them? If you’re thinking great things about them, it’s a great time to pray for them. Bless them. Declare …


You’re not weak

It’s been one of those 🙂😒😳😠😟😬😆🤪😶 days. Emotions ALL over the place 🙄.I’ve sent several ‼️SOS ‼️ messages to girlfriends today because my heart + mind have been hit deep these last few weeks and it’s catching up with me..Let me say this ➡️ you’re …


A prayer for joy

What are you doing for JOY these days? 😃.With everything going on, it’s especially “easy” to take on burdens and heaviness, which actually only makes things harder. While it’s not helpful or wise to ignore that there’s heaviness, it’s not helpful to take it on …