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Reflection time

Reflection time. Are you praying for people as often as you’re judging them? Or thinking about them? Or wondering about their life? Or throwing shade at them? If you’re thinking great things about them, it’s a great time to pray for them. Bless them. Declare …


Asking for a friend

Hahahaha!! Someday I will have a FABULOUS story to tell about all the times I caught the bouquet and what it transpired into. For now, it’s been 3 times and 3rd time hasn’t been the charm just yet ? ? Laura Kogle + Jaron Kogle …


Prayer for Winter to leave and Spring to come

?Spring is almost here and I’m READY for it. The blossoms in bloom. Birds chirping. Longer, brighter days. Warmer evenings. ❄️Winter is almost gone and I’m READY for it. The starkness of trees without leaves. Harsher weather. Dark mornings and dark evenings. Frigid cold. Truth …