There is so much FREEDOM when you can truly understand and say to yourself (about someone else) “Their thoughts are not my responsibility.

Take that in ?

“Their thoughts are not MY responsibility.”

It’s not up to you what they think…
or feel
or say
or do
or choose

It’s up to THEM.

Now, you can certainly be an example. You can show them what’s effective and what causes pain by sharing your story, but ultimately, it’s still their choice.

? What they think about you? Not your responsibility.
? What they think about themselves? Not your responsibility.
? What they think about the state of the world? Not your responsibility.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have conversations about these things, and express differing opinions, or share experiences together – but ultimately what THEY choose to think is 100% on them.

AND, what YOU choose to think (about them, yourself, the state of the world, etc.) is completely on YOU.

So, if you’re making decisions based on someone else’s (potential / perceived) thoughts, you’re missing it.

YOU are responsible for YOUR decisions.

? Is it wise to seek counsel and learn from others? Yes!
? Is it wise to let someone else dictate the course of your life by being guided solely by what they think? No!

Think for yourself.