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You can’t outpace God

✨“What a testimony to how you can’t outpace God.” ✨ she said, right after I shared with her that God consistently gives me so much content to speak on. He’s constantly giving me ideas for books, workshops, blogs, talks, sermons, etc. and I capture them …


Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!.May this year be the one thatblesses you more than any prior years.causes you to have a fresh view point of what Christmas you all the joyful warmth that comes with the reason for the season.Declaring that this Christmas will be one for …


Quiet Blessings

QUIET BLESSINGS. Are our ears tuned in to hear them? Are we seeking them out? They’re ALL around us I was just talking with a friend yesterday and was sharing with her that I’ve been feeling blocked from recognizing the daily blessings in my life …