I’m convinced that God cares about the big AND the “little” miracles! I see what you did there, God ?


I’ve had two cool miracles happen in this last week, and God gets credit for them both ?

1. I had mayo on my grocery list, and I was going to go grocery shopping on Monday (per my usual). But wouldn’t you know, when I received the food order for an upcoming event I was setting up for (on Saturday), they mistakenly added mayo AND BACON to the order, and I got to keep both ??

2. I had a ✉️ letter mailed to me, priority, via USPS, that told me it was delivered on Monday to my mailbox. But it was indeed NOT ? Bummed, I had to let the person who sent it know that it hadn’t been delivered, even though tracking said it had. And we both prayed ? and I kept checking, and I left a note for my mailman in the outgoing mail slot (not even sure if he’d receive it or not), and low and behold, this afternoon, he walked up to my door, letter in hand ? It HAD been delivered on Monday (his day off)…..just to the wrong address ?‍♀️ Same house number, different street.

God cares about the little things, AND He goes above and beyond (hello, BACON and hand-delivered to my door)!!

I know what it’s like to feel disappointed by God, and to get so caught up in my own disappointment that I can’t even recognize the “small” blessings when they happen, because they pale in comparison to the MASSIVE miracles I would prefer to be seeing ? BUT, that doesn’t make the small things any less relevant! AND, now I have a fresh perspective to be able to appreciate blessings, of all sizes.

As my beautiful pastor Leanne shares in her recent “Chin Up” message ? if you’re not grateful for what you have, why would God want to give you more to be ungrateful for? (paraphrased, but definitely worth a listen: https://subspla.sh/d68s3pm!)

? by this babe: Stephanie Driscoll McHenry