I have a few favorite things that I’d love to share with you!

This list is ever-growing, and is by no means exhaustive, but here’s a glimpse into some recent FAVS you can enjoy with me:


A Beautiful Story” message by Mia Fieldes – this story has encouraged me countless times. It’s a story about building faith during times of waiting. I’m personally inspired by not only the magnificence of how God shows up, but also her delivery, with both humor and strength!

MiracleGro” message by Pastor Mike Yeager – this has encouraged me to continue pressing in, in faith, when miracles don’t happen when or how I think they should. God is *always* moving on our behalf, and His timing really is perfect!

Meanwhile” message by Beth Blois – such an encouraging word when you find that the “waiting season” feels hopeless or fruitless or frustrating!

Seven lessons from Seven Marathons” message by Matthew Barnett – Find yourself in these stories and don’t give up!!


Praise” by Elevation Worship – get up out of your seat and dance in worship!

Peace” by Bethel music – my go to song when I need to bring peace into my world!

Dancing” by Elevation worship – the sweetest love song about God (that could easily be a “first dance” wedding song, too).

Quiet” by Elevation Worship – to remove distractions and just be with God.

No One” by Elevation Worship – a boppy song to get your energy up and joy in full effect

Pure” by Common Gathering – This song is magnificent, beautiful, and brings me into such a place of focus on love for God


A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23” book – a beautiful look into the depth of that passage, and how God is FOR us and constantly working on our behalf

My Bible – After getting my most recent one 17 years ago…it was time! I treated myself to thiLife Application Study Bible (NIV) and it’s been SO incredible! It brought the Bible to new life for me and is helping me dive in deeper than I ever have before! I also treated myself to these gold Bible tabs to match the foiling on the pages!

This 5 Love Languages book is a game changer! If you are ever communicating with anyone (hello, life!) then this book can support you. I’ve used it with friends, family, at work, in my relationship, etc. It’s SO good!

This Where Will You Be 5 years from today? book helped me see things in a new light when I was in the thick of (although ignoring) depression. It allowed me to get out of that state and really see possibilities and hope for myself.

Here’s a compilation of my favorite blogs that I’ve written through the years. I write a lot, and there are just certain pieces of writing that stand out to me more than others. These are those pieces!


Joke – I’d never heard this one before, and it brings immense joy and genuine laughter every single time I watch it!

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