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Asking for a friend

Hahahaha!! Someday I will have a FABULOUS story to tell about all the times I caught the bouquet and what it transpired into. For now, it’s been 3 times and 3rd time hasn’t been the charm just yet ? ? Laura Kogle + Jaron Kogle …


Cheers to 35

? It’s my BIRTHDAY month, friends, and you know I’m gonna enjoy every single day of it ?.But first, and as I look backwards for a moment, I’m going to invite you along on a journey that led me to 35 ?.If you would have …


Father’s Day 2019 – Take Hope

My 2-years-in-a-row-now Fathers Day tradition of snapping a picture “with my dad” at @c3sandiego church on Father’s Day ? while we have a great relationship, we live in two different states and don’t always get to celebrate this day in person. So what’s a girl …