Cost of living is so far beyond financial, though that’s often the only context in which we think about it. You know, rent and insurance and bills go up because “cost of living” has increased. Yada yada yada…

But have you thought about the personal cost to you of living the way you’re currently living?

If you made zero changes, would your life be about to keep up with the cost of living (i.e. expansion through service to others) or would it succumb to it and fall behind (i.e. self-centered and constantly in survival mode)?

What are you doing to stay ahead of the cost of living increases? What kinds of investments are you making that will increase beyond inflation, so to speak?

There will always be things in life akin to rent, insurance, and bills that try to knock you out (i.e. stress, sickness, relational anguish, unexpected trauma, etc.) and if you’re not being intentional about your growth (spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc.) that you can be taken out as these cost of living increases take place. Weighed down by day to day expenses, withdrawals, and debts you didn’t intend to rack up.

If you’re not consistently building your life portfolio (rich with friendships, wisdom, experiences, etc.) then you may find yourself in a harder-than-necessary rough patch.

The great news is, no matter where you currently are, you can start today, and it can look so many different ways.

✔ Maybe it’s listening to a podcast geared towards an area you want to grow in.
✔ Maybe it’s starting to hold your tongue where you would normally say something harsh.
✔ Maybe it’s asking someone out for coffee so you can build friendships.
✔ Maybe it’s cutting sugar out of your life so you can regain energy and clear up your skin.
✔ Maybe it’s setting a timer when you log into social media so your precious time doesn’t get sucked away.

Whatever you decide to do, start today.