My 2-years-in-a-row-now Fathers Day tradition of snapping a picture “with my dad” at @c3sandiego church on Father’s Day ? while we have a great relationship, we live in two different states and don’t always get to celebrate this day in person. So what’s a girl to do? I save him a spot in the photo and send it to him with a “Wish you were here” message ?

I know this day has mixed emotions for people – whether you’re a child without a father, a father without a child, or you’re feeling distant from your loved ones – take hope ?

#vulnerable #confession … there was a time in my life where I did NOT have a relationship with my dad. Like, at all. We had a disagreement (straw that broke the camel’s back, as it were) and I didn’t know how to remain in a relationship with him, so I backed away. I wouldn’t answer his calls or respond to any of his attempts to connect. I was hurt, and so was he. Looking back I can only imagine the heartbreak that caused him ? While we’ve very thankfully repaired our relationship (through intentional communication and some awkward conversations where neither of us quite knew what to say or how to move forward), it took my sweet Granny Annie passing away to bring us back together ?

I share this with the hope that someone reading this will take action to reconnect before it takes something jarring to bring you back together. Make that apology. Call them up. Share your heart. Give it another shot. It’s worth it ?