These pictures were taken at a gathering in memory of a man I never met.

He tragically passed away a few years ago, and while I never met him, I’ve been impacted by his legacy.

You see, this man was kind. He was loving. He was always looking for ways to serve people, make their life better, and bless them – whether he knew them or not.

He was a generous man, and one who brought laughter and joy wherever he went.

He had a heart for kids and the homeless, and he loved his family dearly.

I never met this man, but I see him in his wife and kids. I see him in the legacy he left behind. And I’m sure grateful for him.

On this day, we got to share in the memories of who he was and how he blessed those around him. And one can’t help but smile when you’re celebrating those things.

David Sheridan, I never had the honor to meet you, but please know that your legacy lives on. Your effervescence for life lives on. Your heart for people and goodness lives on.

You left an indelible mark in this world, and your ripple effect continues. You’ve got me considering the kind of legacy I want to leave, and it’s clear you were living yours well before you passed. Thank you for your example! Cheers to you!

Me and my Tamster