Let’s start off by saying, some things take longer than planned.

For SURE this fun Abundant Wife project has been one of those things.

It’s been hours (and hours and hours) of wisdom-packed audio interviews with some of the most Abundant Wives on this planet, and while it’s also being compiled into a chapter book format, the audios are ready now and there are so many marriages that will be blessed by this project, so I’m eager to get it released!

You’ve heard me talk about it for a few years now (God gave me the idea in December 2018), and while the book has been making progress that whole time, it hasn’t been in a form that y’all have gotten to enjoy just yet…..until NOW!

I’m so pumped to announce that the Abundant Wife mini-series (season 1) is launching and will be available this week!

This whole time, I was envisioning that the published book would come out before the audio recordings of my interviews with these phenomenal ladies, but I’m grateful to have been prompted to go in a different direction, since the book editing has been in a bit of a flex-y limbo right now.

Be on the lookout for the official launch later this week, and if you want to be part of spreading the word, and throw some support atcha girl, I’ll welcome it. If that’s you, email me and I’ll get you all the details when it’s ready to share.

Ending this share with so much gratitude and excitement!!!