((GULP)) Here we go… My shirt says DREAM BIG and I feel inspired to share with you my BIG DREAM!
❤️❤️❤️ Getting to do life with my man ❤️❤️❤️
And I’m requesting YOUR SUPPORT in meeting him 😉 Help a sister out!!
Here’s what I know for sure (these are great starting points):
⭐️He’s already out there.
⭐️He’s incredible.
⭐️He’s loving.
⭐️He’s thoughtful.
⭐️He’s fun.
⭐️He leads well.
⭐️He is positive.
⭐️He loves big.
⭐️He wants a healthy marriage.
⭐️He is excited to build life with someone (me)!
⭐️He trusts in God, first and foremost.
⭐️He’s well-respected.
⭐️He’s ambitious.
⭐️He’s a bit mischievous (but always with that twinkle in his eye).
⭐️He builds others up.
⭐️He’s strong AND gentle.
⭐️He cares about his health…but he likes burgers, too.
⭐️He really likes cats (Cashmere and I are a package deal)
⭐️He’s courageous.
Who do you know?
?If you want to really dive in, you can peek here.
And, yes, I know that’s a bit out of the ordinary. But I’m willing to take risks. I’m willing to be seen as “crazy.” I’m putting myself out there because he is worth it! My man is absolutely phenomenal, and I’m willing to do what it takes to create our life together – even if it means getting uncomfortable, being really bold + transparent, and risking the side-eye glance of “are you serious?” from onlookers.
He’s worth it. We’re worth it.
Cheers to you, babe! You’re worth this and so much more!
XO, your future wife ?