? If the idea of “goal setting” causes your stress levels to skyrocket ? then this post is for YOU!

I’ve been having this conversation with a girlfriend lately, and (if you can believe it), I actually have a bit of an aversion to “goal setting” myself ?

This may come as an extra shock for those of you who know me as a “Goal Setting Coach” LOL! So, allow me to explain…

I’m a big believer in goals, and contributing to life, and building, and growth, and personal development, etc…?

AND, I have a different way that I go about it personally ? I will advocate for people to set SMART goals, and can help people break down their massive goals into really tangible daily action steps, and will continue to promote that….AND, I’m going to show you a different approach if that’s like nails on a chalkboard for you.

? Step 1 = instead of looking at what you want to achieve as “GOALS” look at it very simply as something you’re looking forward to.

Now, sometimes we look forward to things that seem really far off ? or too big for us, or far-fetched, or (any number of things that removes it from our present self), and I’ve found a correlation I’d like to share with you around this.

Let’s say, you have a dream of investing in real estate (FUN!). What I see happen so often is that people have a dream, and they make up the most complicated (and often unnecessary) route to get there.

I know many people who invest in real estate, and while some of them have their real estate license, many do not – yet many people who want to get into the investment side of things think that their first step is getting licensed as a Realtor®.

It IS an approach, but there are so many steps you can take towards your dreams that are more inviting than strenuous studying and test taking ?

Have you considered:

❓simply having a conversation with someone who currently invests in real estate?
❓reading about current housing markets?
❓looking at real estate properties that interest you?
❓taking a course about real estate investing to see if it actually lines up with the dream you have?

Among many other options, these will get the ball rolling, and help you gauge your interest (and your willingness to take actions towards something you want) without just taking steps of drudgery because they seem logical ✨

Or, let’s say you’re looking forward to feeling better in your body (which, for you, translates to losing some of the extra pounds and being stronger), so you figure the way to do it is to sign up for some sort of race and force yourself to train for it, even though you hate running ?

While that certainly could work, there are so many other ways that you could lose some extra pounds and gain strength that don’t conflict with your desires.

Have you considered:

❓Taking swimming lessons?
❓Doing tap dancing?
❓Going to a Pilates class at the gym?
❓Hiring a personal trainer to come to your home?
❓Jumping on a trampoline for a few minutes at a time throughout the day?

Again, there are so many ways to lose extra pounds and gain strength that have nothing to do with running.

The correlation that people unintentionally (but often) make is that “in order to get my dreams, I’m going to have to work extra hard” but what they end up doing is choosing a route that’s full of punishment ? as if that’s going to earn them their dreams any faster.

And while there IS truth that you’ll get to work ? and at times it will be more difficult than others, there’s no rule that says “in order to get your dreams you’re going to have to go to Hell and back.” 

Friends, there are so many ways to bring your dreams into today, and punishing yourself does not have to be the route you take ?

So if you’re resistant to “goal setting” and you haven’t been moving forward in life the way you want (and you likely are relating the two things, of feeling “stuck” but also not setting goals), then try this approach ?

It’s not too late! ? Find something you’re looking forward to, and get started with some fun steps towards it!