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I had a vision this morning ✨ while our powerhouse campus Pastor @beckylynnheinrichs was sharing about how so many people walk away from a promise when they run into an obstacle. It was a picture of hurdles on a track (swipe to see). In this …

Lifestyle Relationships

Gal pals

Take me back here ?.This night was full of celebration, laughter, friends, delicious food, photoshoots, ambiance, dressing up, and good ol’ fun ?.Nights like these are so necessary, completely delightful, and potently impactful towards a beautiful life ?.Life isn’t meant to be just work, eat, …


Carpe Diem

? There are so many hidden gems in downtown San Diego. Had a blast exploring the other night with @hollietkac and doing mini photoshoots throughout ?.This one is tucked right inside Seaport Village ? and the lighting was perfect..Here’s the thing – I was cold and hungry …


Commitments, not feelings

I was SO sick the day of this photoshoot ?.?% didn’t *feel* like going. But, super thankful I went anyway! Miriam and I ended up having such a fun day, and have since done multiple ? shoots together! And let me tell you what – …


A prayer for joy

What are you doing for JOY these days? ?.With everything going on, it’s especially “easy” to take on burdens and heaviness, which actually only makes things harder. While it’s not helpful or wise to ignore that there’s heaviness, it’s not helpful to take it on …


Vision Prep

As I prep for another shoot today, I’m looking through past photos to get ideas for poses, faces, etc… and I’m reminded how much FUN these are!!.Grateful to be able to do something I enjoy with some of the best in the biz ??!! And …



Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are ONE OF A KIND – aka #couture ? You, my dear, are the very BEST you! You’re in first place and there’s zero competition. No one, I repeat, NO ONE can ever be a better YOU than you …


Spontaneity at its finest

Wayyyy too much fun at this hidden gem downtown – I don’t know the name of it but it’s got a coffee shop, a dog park, and this rad wall! These pictures capture me getting pro photo shoot tips from my photographer ? and actual …


Reality vs. Reality

Before, during, and after a #fancy #blacktie event last night. Let’s be honest – I can get dolled up …. and, I’m also likely feeling the picture on the right internally……….**Hair and makeup by the stunning @shereetrask **Dress from @renttherunway…..Fundraiser for the #sexsells documentary.