? Okay. I’m about to get REAL with you about DATING!!

? If you’ve been *in conversations with someone and you’re just not feeling it…. that’s totally okay!

? But don’t be a jerk and ghost them.

⌨ Take a moment a draft a simple, honest message to let them know you’re out ✌

?? If the idea of that sounds terrifying to you because “I don’t want to hurt their feelings” or “I wouldn’t even know what to say” then feel free to use these as examples. Here are two messages I sent today, along with the responses I received. People appreciate honesty, and (1) you’re not responsible for their feelings, plus (2) you won’t break them.

? AND, if you are on the receiving end of this kind of message, be grateful! They cared enough to communicate with you ? They could have chosen to just dip out and leave you wondering ?‍♀️ and that sucks! Been there.

The importance of communication in dating during all of this is NO DIFFERENT than “normal” life, except, I dare say it’s even more important now when we aren’t necessarily getting to connect in person!

*if you’re actively dating someone (meaning more than a date or two and some back and forth communication), I recommend having a ? phone conversation to communicate this, if you’re unable to do it in person! Respect the person enough to be real with them (yes, it takes courage and they may not like it OR YOU after, but everyone will be better for it) ? You’ve been a part of their life, and they’ve been in yours, so don’t just ditch ’em without offering some closure.

Susan, over and out ?

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