If there’s someone on your heart and mind (and it brings a warmth to your heart, or a sense of curiosity), reach out to them.

➕ Even if it’s been awhile.
➕ Even if you’re not totally sure what to say.
➕ Even if you feel a little silly for some reason.

It’s very sweet to be on someone else’s heart and mind, and how special to actually hear about it. I’d venture you say you land in people’s thoughts more often than you’d ever know, because most people just go about their day without ever sharing that with the person.

Don’t be that person.

Be the person who shares.

Be the person who reaches out.

“But what if they ________??” ?

Great news, friend:

? You’re not responsible for their response.
? You’re not responsible for fixing anything they share with you.
? You’re not responsible for carrying the conversation.

You’re only responsible for your side. Simple.

You’re not sending a marriage proposal. You’re simply letting someone know that they’re on your mind.

You’d be surprised how frequently someone crosses your mind when that person is (unbeknownst to you) going through something and it would be a boost to know that they’re on your mind.

Don’t overthink this.

Simply be the person who reaches out.

My only caveat to this is that if, when that person pops to mind, you have a negative response. You may have some things to work through before reaching out is wise. No sense in reaching out if it’s going to spark a blow up! But maybe take that nudge of them coming to mind as a reminder to release forgiveness towards them ?