Well, my girl did it again! @xotiffanynicole has her new devotional coming out, and it’s my joy to see any of my girls thriving – it’s especially sweet when *their* thriving causes others to thrive!

This devotional is beautifully written and designed to help us set aside the stresses of life and step into the peace-filled, rejuvenating, joyful presence of the Lord (even if you only have 5 minutes).

It can be so easy, as women, to tend to everyone else’s needs, desires, and asks…at the expense of our own. I know I’m not just talking to myself here.

These journal prompts give us intentional and simple ways to strengthen our faith and relationship with Christ, which prove especially useful for today’s on-the-go Christian woman.

Grab your copy here

Bonus points for grabbing a copy for a girlfriend and doing it together!