It’s pick up time, folks! It’s time for things to be picked up and properly addressed in your life (aka all those things that have been swept under the rug, that elephant in the room, etc.)

We’ve all either done it and/or been impacted by someone else trying to do it, and it’s never a great approach.

Even though you can sweep one or two or maybe a few things under the rug without anyone noticing at a glance, eventually the pile of dust grows and trips people. The effect of the dust in the air quality becomes noticeable, and none of the furniture sits correctly because of all the lumps under the rug.

And as cute as elephants are, they’re smelly, massive, in the way, dangerous, and not meant to be in a room at all. Any way you spin it, we both know deep down that they need to be addressed.

One thing I’ve been noticing lately in several conversations I’ve been having is that there’s a fear people have of “what if ________ happens?!” which is preventing them from taking action. And among those specific concerns, a very common one is not wanting to air dirty laundry for the world to see. People don’t want to throw someone else under the bus if that person’s actions was part of their story.

I can appreciate that. Dirty laundry is meant to be washed, not hung out to dry. But I also want to point out that there’s a whole spectrum between sweeping things under the rug and airing your dirty laundry, and not having one does not equate to automatically having the other. There are plenty of stages in between those two things that are healthy, and can remain private.

It may look like you….

▶ praying to God and receiving healing for hurts you’ve experienced + caused, and/or
▶ working through something with a counselor, and/or 
▶ bringing in a mediator to navigate difficult conversations between you and someone else, and/or 
▶ releasing forgiveness over someone who’s hurt you, and/or
▶ having a family discussion, and/or
▶ a myriad of other things 

Sweeping and laundry are two separate chores ?

But whichever way you swing it, it’s pick up time, folks!