God dropped this prayer ? to me awhile back, and He knew I needed it to overcome the offense that I was taking in. He knew that was a waste of my energy (hint: it’s a waste of YOURS, too) and He knew exactly how to help!
Do I still get hurt sometimes? Sure. BUT, this has helped immensely and I want to pass it along ?
If you can bypass reacting to their reaction and simply listen to the pain that’s underneath – just watch your relationships blossom and flourish ? And know it’s okay to create space where the relationship is unhealthy or abusive.
? Here’s THE PRAYER:
Lord help my ears hear their heart and help my heart hear their hurt. AMEN
And if you want to add more to it, here are a few bonus lines, that each start with:
“Thank You for…”
✔helping me overcome offense
✔deepening my compassion for them
✔showing me wounds in my life that are bleeding on those who didn’t cut me so I can heal them with You
✔opening my eyes and heart to love those You love (aka literally everyone)
✔clearing my vision so it’s not clouded with bitterness, anger, resentment, or hurt