This one goes out to all of God’s girls ????

You know it’s gonna be good when you prepare an entire message, and God changes it last minute.

It was yesterday afternoon, as I was getting ready to head to church, when God said “I’ve got a different message for my girls tomorrow than the one you prepared.”

Well, God, I don’t know if You noticed, but I’m on my way to church (to worship You, as a matter of fact ????), and Wednesdays are late nights. I’m willing to type, but You’re gonna have to give me the words.

And boy oh boy did He deliver!! Up way past my bedtime last night, but His flow was there, and this is what He wanted to share with His girls????

A love letter from God, to you, titled “My Beloved” ✨✨✨✨✨

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My precious daughter, I love you.

As Father, Protector, Healer, and The Truth,
There’s no end of the world where I wouldn’t go for you.

You’re never out of sight, and never out of mind.
You’re not lost or abandoned, and you’re not behind.

My eyes are upon you, and they see where you’ve come from.
But more than your past, I see your future in the Kingdom.

It’s full of life (abundant), and blessings galore!
Ask and you will receive, knock and I’ll open the door.

It may not be the one you thought,
But I promise what I have for you can’t be bought.

Peace and joy, and patience, too.
I’ve even got love, kindness, and self control for you.

Open windows of Heaven, and increase beyond,
You won’t be able to contain it, so have fun passing it on.

It’s not lost on me that you’ve also gone through hard things.
But trust Me when I tell you to let your heart sing.

My laughter is for you, tuned to perfection.
And it is my joy to hear you use your full selection.

I know life happens, and it’s not all fun and games.
But what they did to you need not end in shame.

It’s time to release the blame.
Come back to me, and call My Name.

I know the grief you’ve carried,
And I know the dreams you’ve buried.

That weight has held you captive for way too long,
This day is full of new mercies, so let’s write a new song.

I’ve promised you a future and a hope.
And if I do say so myself, it’s pretty dope.

Those dreams you buried that seemed impossible
Are only the beginning, and the opposite of dull.

My favorite moments are when we’re together.
With you and me, kid, we can face any weather.

It delights me to see you enjoying the small things.
My details and care are evident, even in tiny bee’s wings.
(and bee’s knees are pretty good, too ????)

I’ve seen you each time you laughed til’ you cried.
I went to the cross for those moments, and had joy when I died.

Of course I rose again, and defeated death on the way.
And that same power is with you to win every day.

Remember, Satan is UNDER us, and exists in defeat.
It’s up to you to enforce that, and not give him even crumbs to eat.

He’s our footstool, and the one we crush with our heel.
But he’s loud and obnoxious, and will try to make you a deal.

There’s nothing he can offer but death, destruction, and pain.
Any “deal” with him is without gain.

He’s conniving, wicked, vile, and dark
But he’s got a bite that’s less than his bark.

Ward him off with my name, you know the one
And know that you’re backed by Holy Spirit, Father, and Son!

You’re not alone, never have been, and never will be.
Let this serve as a reminder that I love thee!

My beloved, you’re cherished and loved and adored.
You’re one of a kind, and with you, I’m never bored.

I love you beyond measure, and without condition.
And I trust you will receive that truth without suspicion.

Remember that I’m not like anyone you’ve ever known.
I, too, am one of a kind, and so enjoy our time when we’re alone.

You’re special to me, crafted with care.
Down to your freckles, fingernails, personality, and hair.

You’re my precious girl, and the daughter I love.
With all my affection, Your Father above.