? It’s. Almost. Time.

Y’all have heard me talk about my upcoming mentorship (or maybe not yet …. but you’re about to ?) and I’m officially opening doors THIS WEEK!

? hear ye, hear ye:
? If you are a SINGLE LADY who’s excited to get married, and wants to LOVE LIFE RIGHT NOW, while you’re waiting to step into that next season, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you’ve been wanting to:
?deepen friendships
?deepen your faith, and
?discover ways you can be building your epic life before marriage
?have support and encouragement along the way


? If you are tired of the noise of society telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing right now ?‍♀️ THIS IS FOR YOU! I promise you will be refreshed by what we cover in your Growth and Grace mentorship!

? It’s designed to encourage you out of frustration, inspire you into forward movement, and provide you with practical tips/guidance/strategies to help you love your life right now – so you can step into marriage as a healthy, whole, vibrant woman of God! If you want that, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

? Together we’ll be exploring all areas of life, tackling everything from the secret thoughts we have (“what if this really is all that’s available and I’m not really meant for anything more?”) to the deepest desires we have (hey, hubs – I’m excited to impact the world with you ?), to fashion, faith, lifestyle, and everything in between. Sound intriguing? Then THIS IS FOR YOU!

❌ Nothing’s off limits here, as we continue to step into ALL God has for us, together.

? If you’re curious if you’re ready to step into that and what it would look like, then email me at growthandgracelife@gmail.com and let’s connect! Trust me, it’ll be worth it ?


? Chat soon!

?Mei Lu + Hannah Hall